Hangover Helper

Delicious Cures from Around
the World

Poached Eggs with Skillet Toast

Pounding headache, full-body sweats, a lingering sense of bewilderment over whatever transpired the night before – these are the all-familiar effects of a hangover. Everyone has their preferred cures that they swear by... but what actually works? Hangover Helper has the answers.

In this spirited collection that’s guaranteed to cure even the most harrowing headache, Lauren Shockey offers tried and true recipes inspired by culinary traditions from around the globe - ever try Kongnamul Gukbap (one of South Korea’s many mouthwatering hangover soups) or a Francesinha (a meaty, cheesy Portuguese hangover sandwich)? Some dishes, such as the Italian Midnight Spaghetti or the Japanese Green Tea and Rice Soup, can easily be made even if you’re still drunk the following morning. Others make use of traditional pantry staples and leftovers to whip up dishes on the fly, like Bacon Kimchi Fried Rice. Also included are brunch cocktails for a hair-of-the-dog approach, and non-alcoholic beverages if you’re going full detox.

Of course, having a hangover is not necessary to enjoy this book – it’s for armchair travelers, teetotalers and world-weary tipplers alike. So bottoms up, cheers, santé, salute, kanpai, prost and l’chaim!