The Prettiest Bento Box in NYC

Sakagura is a restaurant you take people to when you want to impress them with your restaurant-finding skills. The Japanese eatery is located in the basement of a random office building in the East 40s, which you have to get to by descending a flight of exceptionally narrow stairs. But the food and ambiance are totally worth it. Your order: the Jewel Oke Bento. For $20 at lunchtime, you get “assorted appetizers, fried tidbits, five kinds of sashimi, grilled tidbits, mini rice balls and miso soup.” Not a bad deal at all, and what you’ll get is quite possibly the most colorful lunch plate around. A version sampled recently included shredded vegetable tempura, shiso-plum rice balls, grilled eel and duck, omelets, sashimi (tuna, salmon, amberjack, squid with shiso, and scallop), yam with a mirin-like sauce, and soup. When you don’t know what to eat, it offers you a little bit of everything.

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