$1 Duck Buns in Flushing: The Best 100 Pennies Worth of Grub

$1 doesn’t buy you a lot in this town, save for some discount dish detergent at the dollar store or a slice of truly crappy pizza (and less slightly crappy pizza at Percy’s Pizza). But in Flushing you can find one heck of a gastronomic delight for only $1: the Peking duck bun at the corner of 40th Road and Main Street. A soft and squishy bun cradles a nub of duck breast, a sliver of crispy skin, and a haystack of scallions. Eat it standing up in front of the stall, or munch on it as you amble across the street towards the New World Mall — just don’t be surprised if you double-back and get another one. And at $1, you sure can afford to.

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